Steve Wiens Photo

Motocross National Championships at Walton Raceways

Before Walton I knew almost nothing about Motocross.

I mean its just a bunch of guys riding around on dirt bikes, right?

Wow, was I wrong…

The races at Walton were some of the most intense and gripping action I’ve ever witnessed.

These racers have more guts than most people I have ever met. One mistake on a landing or accidental brush with an opponent can result in broken bones and concussions. In fact this is so commonplace that a rider who makes it through many years without injury is assumed to be a crappy racer by his/her peers.

The high risk of injury means that riders rarely race past age 25. In fact at Walton all but one age group was between 6 and 25. It was the +40’s. They tended to avoid getting air on jumps…

The action was intense, the sun was burning my skin but I had a blast and got some exciting shots.

Even the kids were impressive:


Hockey, the TRUE Beautiful Game

It would be easy with all the attention paid to the World Cup right now to write a post about soccer…. However I’m not going to do that. Hockey is and always has been my favourite sport since I watched my childhood idol Wendal Clark and the Maple Leafs. Come to think of it they were almost as bad as the Leafs were this past season…. but that’s beside the point.

Hockey is just as photogenic as football. The major difference to photographers is that its mainly an indoor sport and many arenas have TERRIBLE lighting.

Even the best arenas can put your sensor to the test. Secondly you often are forced to shoot through glass that is chipped or scratched.

Many photographers attempt to shoot from the benches or from above with a longer telephoto lens if they have one. Some arenas have ports in the corners of the rink where you can shoot glass free.

(Hey goalie, I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to keep your eyes on the puck!)

Hockey is the fastest sport on the planet so anticipation is key.

There’s just so much going on that its hard not to come away with at least a few good shots.

Hockey is just as entertaining for me to shoot as it is to watch and play… and I love watching and playing hockey!