Steve Wiens Photo

Motocross National Championships at Walton Raceways

Before Walton I knew almost nothing about Motocross.

I mean its just a bunch of guys riding around on dirt bikes, right?

Wow, was I wrong…

The races at Walton were some of the most intense and gripping action I’ve ever witnessed.

These racers have more guts than most people I have ever met. One mistake on a landing or accidental brush with an opponent can result in broken bones and concussions. In fact this is so commonplace that a rider who makes it through many years without injury is assumed to be a crappy racer by his/her peers.

The high risk of injury means that riders rarely race past age 25. In fact at Walton all but one age group was between 6 and 25. It was the +40’s. They tended to avoid getting air on jumps…

The action was intense, the sun was burning my skin but I had a blast and got some exciting shots.

Even the kids were impressive: