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CIS East-West Football Game 2010
May 9, 2010, 3:12 pm
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May 8th 2010 saw some interesting weather in London, Ontario. The temperature was 7c which is not bad… if not for what else was going on. The day started off rainy, rained some more, hailed, snowed, became sunny, hailed, snowed some more and finished with more rain. Oh, did I mention the wind? How strong was the wind? Well….

Yep, it blew the padding off the uprights! It was in these conditions that the 2010 edition of the CIS East-West Bowl game at TD Waterhouse Stadium were played. Despite these conditions it was a blast to shoot! Thanks to Craig Glover for acquiring access for me to shoot.

East Wide Reciever tackled by a West Defender:

West QB Laurence Nixon searches downfield for a reciever:

East CB Bradley Daye intercepts a pass intended for West WR Zach Bull:

West WR Dustin Zender evades an East tackler:

East Safety Jeff Hecht fights West WR Marcel Samuel for the ball:

These are just a few of the shots from what was a very exciting and pass intensive game despite the weather. I look forward to seeing some of these players in the CFL!


This Should Be Interesting

Welcome to Steve Wiens Photo. It’s certainly been a while since I’ve blogged in any fashion so should this go south, bear with me. However, it’s become apparent that a place like this is a great way to publicize my work as well as keep people up to date on new stuff as it comes out. It also will provide a place for discussion of technique or concepts.

So… Let it be known:

I Like Sports Photography.

There. Now you know. Most of the images I post here will be of that nature, but I also love product shots, so hopefully I’ll get some of those up here too. Why do I need to tell you this, you ask? Shouldn’t it be obvious from the header at the top of this page? Probably… but lately I find it necessary to defend the genre in which I hope to make my living. A large sect of photographers seem to view sports as second rate, as they think it doesn’t allow the photographer to be artistic or creative because you aren’t generally in control of most of what shows in the final image. First I say – what does that matter? Whether an image is staged or spur of the moment, if it is good it will still have impact and beauty. Isn’t that what every photographer is going for? Second, it’s true – in live action shots the amount of control a photographer has can be quite limited. The most important aspect a sports photographer has over his/her shot is the ability to capture and translate the fluidity or impact of a sport in motion. Somewhat overlooked by most is the ability to capture emotional impact as well. The thrill of victory or the agony of defeat – these things are primal and quite powerful.

I hope to show you these things here.

Welcome to my blog.

Up next: an overview of my previous work.